Dr Barry Quinn

Name Dr Barry Quinn
Qualifications PhD, MSc, PGC Teaching, BD, Bacc Phil, RN
Current positions Assistant Director of Nursing1
Visiting Senior Lecturer2,3
Hospital/Institution 1Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, UK
2King's College London, UK
3University of Surrey, UK
Short biography Barry Quinn is the Clinical Lead for End of Life Care at Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK and the current Chair of 'Managing Advanced Cancer Pain Together' (MACPT). He has worked in the field of cancer and palliative care for over 25 years, and is particularly interested in exploring the meaning of existential pain for cancer patients. Dr Quinn has published numerous articles on a range of cancer and end‑of‑life care issues including addressing pain in a holistic manner, and he has worked with the European Oncology Nursing Society on assessing and addressing pain in the cancer setting. He sits on the board of a number of international journals and he reviews articles for nursing and medical publications.
Quote related to MACPT "Until we have the courage to address all the components of what it means to be a person we will never achieve good and consistent pain management."

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